lotus luxury group (in-progress)

I’ve recently partnered with a fashion company in Honolulu for a branding re-haul. More than anything, they’d like to exude ‘luxury,’ so I’m re-designing their logo, creating new clothing labels, hang tags, and boxes, and eventually updating their website and social media presence as well.

I was originally just tasked with keeping Lotus’s current logo as-is and simply placing it on clothing labels and packaging, but after placing it in a mock-up label (top left), I thought the logo itself may need refreshing.

These are just a few quick mockups of clothing labels I created in order to see which direction we should go with the logo. The very first label in the top left includes Lotus’s original logo, and I continued to play around with different fonts, orientations, and lotus symbols to try and achieve a more contemporary, clean look.

I will continue to post updates as we make progress on this project!