Planner Stickers


Most recently I entered a long-term partnership as the lead illustrator with a Southern California start-up that is creating weekly planners and journals. The first project involved creating a set of stickers to mark various appointments (e.g., hair, dentist, doctor, chiropractor), which I initially sketched out by hand and then vectorized and colored in Illustrator. Physical planners are near and dear to my heart (i.e., my life would crumble to pieces without them), so I’m crazy excited for this new partnership and the opportunity to do some more fun and cutesy digital illustration for print products.

The Omnipresent Whimsy of Wes Anderson

The second it dips below a balmy 72° my mind starts drifting further and further away from the Siberian-esque morass known as winter for the Midwest. The most recent bout of daydreaming resulted in me digitally illustrating an array of luggage designs from Hermès to Gucci, when I remembered the best bags of all were those featured by Wes Anderson in The Darjeeling Limited: bespoke safari-print suitcases monogrammed and marked 1 through 11.

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While these were made specifically for the film by Marc Jacobs during his reign as creative director for Louis Vuitton, you can find reincarnated (and affordably priced!) replicas by Very Troubled Child.

You're the Bomb

I've gotten so used to (happily) slaving away at handmade cards for all of my family & friends' birthdays and holidays that it never dawned on me to save time and energy by illustrating them digitally instead. So, for my mom's birthday I designed a simple illustration as a clear and concise way to convey how cool I think she is. It may not be pen on paper, but at least I incorporated a grunge pattern texture to give it a bit more of that handmade vibe.

Adobe Illustrator + Photoshop CS6