Young Collectors Show II


My work was recently featured in what turned out to be my absolute favorite exhibition thus far. For the Young Collectors Show II at Gallery 924, not only was the artwork hung at child’s eye level, but some of the works were made into an official coloring book as a way to encourage little ones to really engage with the art.

The coloring book also included a guide for kids on how to look at art, a glossary of art terms to help children and their families talk about the art, and brief descriptions of each piece.


My coloring book page included a simple black-line version of my original piece, which I digitally reconstructed in Illustrator. Below was a description of my processes and ideas behind the piece, written in a way that children could more readily comprehend. (Artist statements are hard enough as it is, so this was no small feat! Looking back on it now though, I’m realizing I may have ended on too dark of a note..? Meep.)

"Three separate techniques of drawing, painting, and illustration were combined in the making of this piece. I chose to contrast the realistic drawing style of the female subject with a more illustrative, minimal line drawing for her surroundings, including the swans in her arms. This contrast serves to explore the degree of separation between humans and their natural environment. The color-blocking of pastels and pleasant colors in combination with the gold leaf creates a whimsical, storybook-like quality to the piece that recalls a more wholesome, idealized time, before the exploitation of nature became front and center of human activity."