My contribution to the 2019 Bigger Picture Show, where local designers re-imagine movie posters as a fundraiser for the annual Indy Film Fest. Every year the BPS has a theme, and in 2019 it changed things up by doing “movie mashups.” They also banned designers from inserting any movie titles or credits on the poster designs this year, to make it more of a challenge for the audience to guess which two movies comprised each poster. My mashup movies were American Beauty and Beauty and the Beast, so I decided to take the iconic plastic bag from American Beauty and place it inside the enchanted rose dome of Beauty and the Beast. The woefully existential plastic bag scene from American Beauty drives home how even the most mundane events – such as a plastic bag floating in the wind – can translate into powerful drama. I decided to amp up the drama of this piece of trash even further by turning it into a supernatural, magical object in a Disney scene.